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Monika Piatt

Monika attended Sage School of Massage and Healing Arts in Bend, OR and joined the Green Ridge Team in 2011. Continuing Education classes include Bill Musser’s Deep Tissue for the Whole Body and classes on fascia with focus on upper extremity and conditions of the pelvis. Consequently, her primary focus is Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage for general or specific target areas. Recently she has added cupping with specific courses on shoulder, hip, and low back conditions to her routine. 

Maintaining a physically active lifestyle, which includes hiking, running, skiing and paddling, kept postural issues to a minimum, during the decades of clerical work in the business world. However, the many benefits of receiving massage personally, as well as a heart to help other folks feel better – mind, body and spirit - inspired the pursuit of a career change in her late 40’s. She takes daily inspiration from a poem titled “A Massage Therapist’s Prayer”. The closing line reads: “At night, when day is done, let me rest in peace if I helped just one.”

As part of an outdoor-oriented family, she also witnessed the amazing healing results of massage combined with Physical Therapy. Her husband Lance and their son Torrey have both received treatment for various injuries and maintained restored wellness as patients at Green Ridge.

Monika feels doubly blessed to have a rewarding career and work at a facility with a reputation of excellence, in a community she has called home for 16 years.