Marie Risenmay

Marie comes to us with nine years of experience in orthopedic physical therapy. Although, she has focused much of her continuing education on the treatment of low back, pelvic and hip pain, she has also pursued additional knowledge in treatment of shoulder, plantar fasciitis, and vestibular rehab.

Marie is dedicated to staying updated on the most current research and treatment techniques in order to best serve her patients. Her treatment techniques involve a focus on the use of manual therapy including mobilizations with movement, joint mobilizations, and instrument-assisted soft tissue techniques. She sees manual therapy as providing a window of opportunity to restore function of the musculoskeletal system and therefore combines her treatment with exercises that restore motor recruitment and function. With a particular interest in biomechanics and pain science in order to treat the entire body as a system, Marie enjoys treating patients who present with a challenge in finding the source of symptoms, which often results in treating multiple joints and not just chasing pain. Marie’s background in athletics, including competitive gymnastics, gives her a keen eye for movement and dysfunction. 

Marie lives with her husband and two young children on acreage in Redmond where they raise Texas Longhorn Cattle. She enjoys mountain biking, downhill skiing, horseback riding, and bird hunting.